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The following services are offered both for private persons and for companies:

Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping of any kind for private persons and companies
  • Establishment of annual accounts with profit and loss account
  • Formalities with the Companies House (Registre de Commerce)
  • Accounting analysis (see « commissaire aux comptes »)
Incorporation of companies of any kind
  • Consulting in the filed of company law
  • Consulting in the tax environment of the company
  • Preparation of the articles of association for the notary deed
  • Contact with the notary for the company incorporation
Mission as a « commissaire aux comptes »

Fiduplan takes mandates as a « commissaire aux comptes » i.e. auditor pursuant article 62 of the law of August 10th, 1915 for commercial companies in order to render the annual audit of companies.

Fiduplan also renders missions of auditing and analysing specific files.

Services for wages and salaries
  • Declaration of affiliation and disaffiliation for employees with the Social Security
  • Establishment of monthly salary slips
  • Formalities with the Social Security, tax on salaries, tax cards
  • Bank transfer of the salaries by power of attorney on bank account
  • Consulting in the field of labour laws
Tax services
  • Consulting in direct taxes (income and municipality tax) and indirect taxes (value added tax)
  • Establishment of tax returns
  • Establishment of value added tax returns
  • Tax analysis and studies
  • Evaluation of companies
  • Restructuring of companies
Consulting in company law
  • Ordinary or extraordinary meeting of shareholders for companies of any kind
  • Formalities for convening the annual general meeting
  • Preparation of the minutes of the general meeting
  • Holding of the general meeting
  • Formalities with the Companies House

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